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Human Capital Management Technology Consulting

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Discovery & Evaluation

The project of uncovering and deciding on the right system(s) while trying not to get oversold in the process is a big one, and it takes time and valuable resources from the Payroll/HR department.

Finding the best HCM platform is integral to the success of your business and your employee experience.  Our team will manage the selection process, reducing the amount of time your internal team needs to spend with redundant meetings.  We provide recommendations to improve your processes and find solutions to meet your organization's objectives.   Our connections in the industry extend to our clients providing preferred pricing to ensure that they are getting the best system at the best price.



Once the decision is made, the fun starts!

Elevating HCM will assist the client in the implementation of the chosen vendor.  We will assist with the roadmap to build the platform to its entirety.  We join implementation calls, assisting the client with the communication to the vendor and ensuring that all the needs that were uncovered and promised in the Evaluation process come to life.  We will also populate the HRIS platform to ensure the maximum benefit from the system.

Managed Payroll & More

After a system is fully implemented and payroll is live.

Once the chosen system is in place, Elevating HCM can assist in day-to-day management of the platform.  Your dedicated account manager will assist with employee onboarding, payroll processing, reporting and keeping the platform updated.  Having Elevating HCM as your partner to help manage the software will enhance the usability of the system for your managers and employees.

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PEO Analysis

Assessment of traditional vs. PEO/ASO models.

Elevating HCM assists with companies looking to compare traditional payroll vs. a PEO model.  We provide an analysis of the cost of the PEO compared to what the fees would be outside of the PEO.  In the event a client is looking to exit a PEO Elevating HCM will quarterback the process and build a team to support each line of business.  We ensure that each piece moves at the right time so that the transition is seamless.  

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