Your One Stop Resource for HCM Solutions

Your One Stop Resource for HCM Solutions

When clients come to you for help, let Elevating HCM be your expert regarding all offerings in the market.

The Challenge

The Landscape of Payroll/HR and the client’s workforce has changed!

Companies are overloaded with compliance and trying to keep employees engaged.  You need to know what systems the client is using to support their company and you need to ensure they are working effectively to reduce risk.  Some of our partner's common challenges are:

1. Constant Change - Every 2-3 years clients review and/or replace their payroll/ HCM software. Each time this occurs the new vendor may bring in their team of experts, putting your client at risk. 

2. Possible Disruption– When clients make changes to their HCM platform or benefit offerings, integration needs to be re-established. Elevating HCM says on top of these changes to ensure costly disruptions don’t negatively affect your clients.

3. Compliance – Clients look to you as their trusted advisor and want you to provide solutions to ensure compliance across the employee lifecycle so that they stay out of trouble.

4. Vendor Staff Changes – the average tenure for a sales professional in SaaS HCM software is 2.2 years. When a sales rep leaves the organization the connection to service is lost and the partner and client are negatively affected.

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The Solution

Partner with ELEVATE HCM today!

We provide solutions to help benefits broker improve their services and better meet the needs of their clients. Some of these solutions include:

1. Differentiate yourself from your competitors – providing HCM consultancy as a part of your service shows that you are proactively helping your client as their company grows and changes.

2. To help your client – offering Elevating HCM to do a system review/ recommendation removes a giant project from your client’s overworked HR team and keeps you involved in the process.

3. Improve your service to clients- Our experts ensure the client’s system and process are configured so that you and your team have the required access to best service your client

4. Keeping an eye on Integrations - We ensure that processes and systems are in place so that the system is working to effectively reduce administrative burden.


Common Partners

  • Insurance Brokers
  • General Agencies
  • Retirement/ 401(k) Providers
  • Accounting/ CPA Firms
  • Banks
  • HR Consultancy Firms
  • Franchise Groups
  • Associations
  • Private Equity Groups