Leveraging 20 Years of Industry Experience

Leveraging 20 Years of Industry Experience

The idea behind Elevating HCM

Our Story

The pandemic changed the landscape for HR and Payroll professionals.  There were countless government subsidies that needed to be tracked and reported for companies.  As work-from home became popular, employees moved to different states and HR teams had to learn new laws, update handbooks and try to keep employees engaged.  The Great Resignation = more work for HR, The Great Rehire = more work for HR.  For most companies the HR and Payroll departments were not flooded with new employees, instead they are being asked to do more with less.

Enter Human Capital Management software!  There are systems out there that can help automate many of the compliance tasks and empower the employee population to take action to alleviate HR/ Payroll from some administrative burden.  The challenge, which one to choose? 

To do a full analysis would take spending 5-6 hours per vendor, not to mention countless emails and follow-up calls. 

The project of uncovering and deciding on the right system(s) while trying not to get oversold in the process is a big one and it takes time and valuable resources from the Payroll/HR department.

Once the decision is made, the fun starts!  Implementing a payroll/HRIS system takes 3-6 months (depending on vendor and size of client).  Often the person who sold the platform exits the process and a new team enters, the implementation team.  These are developers, coders, programmers and subject matter experts in their area of the platform.  They customize, configure and design based on the client’s HR team and their input.  Without the voice of sales and a great understanding of what the client really wanted the system to do, it is highly likely that the client will not get the system fully built and operational like they saw in the Demo.  They become frustrated, but they are also tired.  At this point they are months into speaking with their chosen vendor (the sales process could take 1-2 months) and they feel like they are not being heard.

Elevating HCM is here to help.  After spending 21 years for various Payroll/ HCM software companies the founder Katie Burton has become an expert in understanding the needs of her clients.  Katie not only has a great understanding of all the options in the market and will quarterback the process removing redundant meetings and negotiating to get the best rates for her clients.   Elevating HCM can also stay engaged on a project through implementation to be sure the things promised are fully operational and trained on.  After a system is fully implemented and payroll is live, if a client needs further support in ongoing processing, Elevate HCM can provide managed payroll services to support the client with their day-to-day operations. 

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